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How to Raise a Disability-Aware Child

Photo: Unsplash   We live in a wonderful world where no two people are the same. It’s every parent’s goal to raise their child to be loving and kind to others, including people with disabilities who may look, learn, or communicate differently than we do. Now more than ever, it’s important to raise disability-aware children […]

Adapting to Life as a Single Parent

  Being a parent is one of the most joyous experiences you’ll ever have.  But it’s also a major challenge, and being a single parent compounds that tenfold.  Many who become parents don’t initially intend to go it alone, so when they do find themselves in that position, it can be overwhelmingly stressful.  Fortunately, you […]

Can Pool Chemicals Be Dangerous for Kids?

Image via Pixabay Most children love swimming, particularly in the summer months, and what can be safer than a swimming pool, right? Although parents consider pools to be better than the dangerous, unpredictable waves in the ocean or deep lakes when it comes to the safety of children, swimming pools are not without their risks.  […]