Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Parents to Remember

Image via Pexels


Having a swimming pool is a great way to keep your kids active while also doing something together as a family. As a parent, it’s important that you brush up on pool safety each year so you can prevent accidents and injuries from happening. Below, learn about the best ways you can keep your kids safe in the pool this year.


Skills that Make Your Kids Better Swimmers

When your kids know the basics of swimming, they’ll be safer and more confident in the water. Here are a few skills you’ll want to make sure they know. 


How You Can Keep Your Kids Safer 

When your kids are confident swimmers, they’ll be much safer in the water. However, there’s also a lot you can do as a parent to keep your kids safe. 

  • Always have an adult in charge of supervising the swimmers. 
  • Know the signs of drowning and how to prevent it
  • Make sure everyone follows the pool rules, such as no diving or running. 
  • Remember that kids look up to you, so you should lead by example when swimming. 


How to Make the Pool a Safer Place 

Even if you keep a careful eye on your kids when they’re swimming, the pool can still be a dangerous place. Here are a few things you can do to minimize risks. 

  • Each season, check for repairs that need to be done, such as fixing a pool leak
  • Inflatable toys can be dangerous, so be sure to pick ones with good safety ratings. 
  • Add a non-slip treatment to your pool deck to prevent falls. 
  • Make sure your pool has a fence or cover to keep kids and pets out when you’re not using the pool. 


Keeping everyone safe in the pool can feel stressful, but you can make things easier on yourself by getting safe equipment for your pool and learning how to respond to emergencies. Making sure your kids know how to stay safe in the water will also give you more peace of mind.